Stockholm’s Old Town: The Charm (and Cheesiness) of Gamla Stan

I realised I haven’t shared anything about our weekend in Stockholm yet apart from the stunning gardens of Rosendals Trädgård. Our first afternoon, we dumped our bags off at the hotel and headed for Gamla Stan, the city’s Old Town, and indeed the oldest area of Stockholm. If you’re looking at a map, it’s smack in the middle – “the town between the bridges”.

Stockholm Gamla Stan


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Exploring London’s Exmouth Market

The day Jorge and I stayed at The Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell, we went exploring. First stop: Exmouth Market.

Exmouth Market

This is a street I’ve heard about many times as a bustling area with great street food. We were there on a weekend. Like much of that area of London, Saturdays and Sundays are not quite so lively but during the week, the street is lined with about 30 food stalls on Mondays through Fridays for lunch from around noon until 2ish.

Exmouth Market

If I worked anywhere nearby, I’d definitley go back to try some of the stew from the famed Ghanian stall Spinach & Agushi or a salt beef bagel from the Jewish Deli followed by some glorious apple studel from Ion Patisserie. Of course if I ate all that on a workday afternoon, I’d never want to go back to my desk…

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Little Weekend Links 42

I flew home to New York on Tuesday, a day of flying which I love – no responsibilities, no computers or phones. Just solid, uninterrupted hours of reading time. I finished a stack of magazines and the final 350 pages of The Goldfinch, a book I’d put off reading for a while, but couldn’t put down once I got into it.

Home is as I left it, which is what is part of what I appreciate about home. Somewhere familiar, a place to recharge and reminisce, catch up with friends and family. I’ve had a rousing game of Scrabble with my grandma (our little tradition whenever I go home), 24 hours of camping with my brother and his girlfriend on a site where he has a permanent trailor and a lake for kayaking. We ate steak, Giambotti and s’mores with Reese’s and cinnamon graham crackers. I had a porch chat with my dad and looked through photos with my mom. Today’s her birthday and we’re off for a day of shopping before dinner and cake with family. Hard to believe I’m off to Boston already on Sunday morning. Time certainly flies.

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans?

P1020988Photo: At my brother’s camp, July 2013

Here are a few links for the weekend:

Enjoy your weekend!

Recipe: Chicken, Cheese & Spinach Quesadillas

We were about 13-years-old when one of my best friends, Tara, taught me how to make quesadillas. It’s the first recipe I really knew by heart and something I’ve continued to make over the years. They’re very easy to make and you can swap the ingredients for anything you like. Just keep cheese of some variety, because that’s what holds it all together!

Recipe Quesadillas

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Spanish Tapas in London at Iberica, Farringdon

Iberica has become our go to restaurant for delicious Spanish food in London. It was back at the beginning of May 2013 that we made our first lunch resrvations at the Marylebone branch. Jorge had heard about the interior design by Lázaro Rosa-Violán and wanted to check it out. Before then, he’d always said he never eats Spanish food in London, but Iberica won him over because we’ve been back many times since. I even brought my parents when they were here last year and had my hen night cocktails there in June before we got married. 

Iberica Farringdon

Until a few weeks ago, we had only been to the Marylebone branch, but we finally had the chance to check out the newest one in Farringdon (there’s also one in Canary Wharf).

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Little Weekend Links 41

It’s been a busy week for me as I wind down before heading off to New York next week. I’m playing catch up and get ahead both at work and here on the blog, scheduling as much content as possible in advance. I’ll be in New York for a week then Boston for a week, then back in London for a week and then, at the end of September, off to St. Lucia for honeymoon, finally! Then I’m back again for just over a week before heading over to Athens for a Greek version of TBEX. We had a pretty laid back weekend last weekend, enjoying some sun, doing a bit of shopping and booking the most expensive tickets ever to fly back to New York for the Christmas holidays. We went to visit Danny and Lucy in their new flat up in Willesden not far from where I lived when I first moved to London. So we stopped off at one of my old local pubs for a drink. I also got a few inches chopped off my hair. And now, I’m ready for a break!

East LondonPhoto: East London street art by South African artist @faithfourseven 

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A Sunday Stroll Through Shoreditch, London: PART 2

If you missed part 1, skip back to yesterday’s post

After our catch up over cookies and iced tea /coffee at Vintage Bean off of Brick Lane, Stu from Inspiring City and I walked over to Forge & Co on Shoreditch High Street to meet up with the Foto Ruta Clue group for a brief before our treasure hunt. I already shared the photos that we submitted in this little game (including one of mine that won the best photo of the day!) and I wanted to carry on from yesterday’s posts with some more general photos from around the area that were taken during our walk.

Shoreditch London

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A Sunday Stroll through Shoreditch, London: PART 1

The day I met Stu from Inspiring City to head over to Shoreditch High Street for our Foto Ruta Clue adventures, I headed East early to walk around a bit. I decided that since I hadn’t seen the poppy installation at Tower Hill yet, I’d hop off the tube a few stops early, wander over to the Tower of London and then onward to Brick Lane.


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Instagramable Moments: August 2014

Jorge and I kicked off August with a long weekend in Stockholm, Sweden, a sort of pre-honeymoon to hold us off till the real deal in St. Lucia next month. It was an excellent weekend – hot, sunny, full of beautiful, tan, tall, fashionable people and great food.

Back in London, a few local walks to enjoy the last few days of Summer that seem to have now tailed off. We spent a pretty glamorous evening watching the ballet at the Royal Opera House. I spent a Saturday pottering around Bermondsey, discovering Maltby Street Market and re-visiting Borough Market, an old favourite. There was a girly Thai food evening at Addies in Earl’s Court and drinks in Chelsea with the lovely Anne from Benton & Tilley.

We also had a staycation at The Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell, a part of London I wasn’t very familiar with and enjoyed. They had a quirky, apothecary-style cocktail bar where we spent an evening sipping some pretty strong drinks. We also made it to the British Museum.

The last weekend, I had tea and scones at an old standby, Sacred Cafe near Carnaby Street after a walk along South Bank. Then, a journey east for a Foto Ruta photography treasure hunt with Stu from Inspiring City. All in all, a fantastic month.

Here’s a look back at August through Instagram:

1. Drinks in Sweden. Since it was our first visit to Stockholm, much of our time was spent familiarising ourselves with the city as much as possible. We spent a few hours on our first day wandering through the cobbled streets of the Old Town, Gamla Stan. To take a breather, we sat outside of a nearby restaurant for drinks and tapas and some good old people watching. My paper straw was pretty, but unfortunately fell apart. The goosberry cocktail was tasty though.


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Little Weekend Links 40

It’s been a week of running all over London from Shoreditch to Camden to Archway to Kentish Town to Denmark Hill, to Old Street to Moorgate and everywhere in between. This weekend we’ll be heading to north west London to have dinner with Danny and Lucy at their new flat. I’m hoping for a last grasp at Summer this weekend, a quiet one before the travel madness kicks off for the next few months. So not many plans really and happy for it.

What are you up to? Anything exciting?

St. Katherine's DocksPhoto: St. Katherine’s Docks, London – August 2014

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