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Dublin as a Global City

I just signed up for this year’s TBEX Europe conference in Athens this October to connect with other bloggers who write about travel. Is anyone else going?


Last year was my first TBEX, which took place in Dublin.


With TBEX in mind at the moment, I thought I’d revisit this city.


There are so many photos I haven’t shared yet!


I had been to Dublin many years ago, but I was surprised by how much of a global city it has become or maybe just by how much I noticed it during this visit.


It’s a small city, but there’s people, food and customs from all over the world wrapped up in its borders.


I started to take photos of restaurants.


Brazilian, Nepalese, Persian, Turkish, Mongolian…


We ate lunch in Saba on our last day in Dublin, an amazing Thai restaurant with pink placemats and great big windows for people watching.


Another meal we had was at a Moroccan restaurant called DaDa. The place was nice, the food was tasty, but the staff was rude and inattentive. I wouldn’t recommend it.


I didn’t take too many photos of people on this trip, but a few worth sharing.


One of the most diverse places I visited was the bustling Moore Street where the market stalls sell fruit and Chinese grocers stand next to Afro hairdressers.


But I was pleased to find that global influence was everywhere.


Where have you been that has surprised you for one reason or another? 

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    April 14, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    Wow, I love all those ethnic restaurants! It’s amazing that you can taste so much of the world in just one city.

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