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If you’re a small business owner, artist, maker or independent creative, the list of Instagram services below was created with you in mind. If there’s something else you’re interested in that you can’t find here, just give me a shout. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend an audit, the Instagram Boost or a power hour.

Instagram Audit


THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you have an established presence on Instagram (ie – not a complete newbie), but you’d like a strategist’s eyes on your account and some clarity on how to move forward.

I’ll take a deep dive into the way you are currently using Instagram. With my strategist’s hat on, I’ll look at everything in detail: all of the individual elements that make up your profile bio, your content strategy as it is presented throughout your grid, stories and other media formats, your hashtags, engagement, consistency of posts, and more. From there, I’ll provide you with a list of action points for improvement that you can work through at your own pace—essentially a to-do list that will give you the basis of a practical strategy to take your account forward.

  • A list of 15+ action points for improvement 
  • Personalised tips on how you can best implement these
  • One month of email support

Instagram Strategy


THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure about how to make Instagram work best for you and need a solid, action-packed roadmap to help you determine and meet your goals. Or if you’ve simply decided it’s time to take Instagram more seriously. Or if you’re starting from scratch and want to set off on your journey on the right foot.

An Instagram strategy is your extensive personalised game plan for using the platform to its greatest potential. 

I will research and strategise, taking into account up-to-date best practices on Instagram, your target audience, your business goals, how your competitors are using Instagram, an audit of your own current use of Instagram, and much more. I’ll take into account the future time commitment you have available for social media as well so that your strategy feels, and is, sustainable. You’ll gain clarity around your Instagram goals and where to connect with your target audience. You’ll feel empowered too, with actionable suggestions for improving and optimising your profile, a detailed content strategy, engagement strategy, hashtag strategy, knowledge of the insights that will keep you on track and follow up support. 

Your Instagram strategy will be set up in a way that it can then be implemented by you, by me or by any social media manager.

  • Overall, you will come away with a strategic, sustainable, actionable roadmap for using Instagram to its greatest potential which includes:
    • Knowledge of the most up-to-date best practices for the platform
    • Clarity around the goals that Instagram can reasonably help you achieve
    • Direction when it comes to where and how to connect with your target audience
    • Takeaways from an audit of your own account that will guide you to make improvements
    • Takeaways from a competitors analysis that you can use with a personal twist
    • A well-researched content strategy for moving forward, including a list of ideas to get you started
    • A well-researched engagement strategy for moving forward, including an initial list of places to focus your efforts 
    • A well-researched hashtag strategy for moving forward, including an initial list of hashtags for you to use
    • A list of insights you’ll want to focus on to ensure you’re staying on track 
    • One month of included email support as you begin to implement your strategy

Instagram Management

Prices vary depending on your requirements and involvement. See some examples below.

Commit to 6 months of instagram management and I’ll incorporate strategy building along the way.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you’d like to step back from Instagram and let me do the work for you with as much or as little input and involvement as you wish. It is also for you if you’d like to continue to manage your Instagram some of the time but split the workload thereby collaborating in a joint effort.

My focus is on organic growth which is built through a strong content strategy, high levels of engagement, and hashtag and target audience research combined with current best practices and a variety of media. Before we begin, I will audit your current Instagram and recommend suggestions for overall improvement. We can then work through these action points together alongside the day-to-day account management work. You can combine the Instagram management package with the above Instagram strategy or bring in elements like a competitors analysis, for example, as we go along. You supply original images (unless you are local to London SW6/SW15 and opt to arrange separate photoshoots with me).

All packages include an initial audit of your account and ongoing hashtag and audience research.

  • An initial audit of your account
  • Ongoing hashtag and audience research 
  • Management of your account at whichever level you decide
  • Content creation as agreed in advance
  • Strategic engagement and relationship building with your target audience

I’m flexible to your needs, but below are some examples of management packages and prices.
Note: Prices listed below are monthly.

Example A: £280 (light posting, may be shared effort) – I will post 2x per week on your grid and spend 1 hour each week on engagement. You may or may not choose to add to this, including additional posts, Stories, engagement, etc.

Example B:  £390 (medium posting, may be shared effort) – I will post 3x per week on your grid, create 1 story per week, and spend 1 hour each week on engagement. You may or may not choose to add to this, including additional posts, Stories, engagement, etc.

Example C: £560 (heavy posting, may be shared effort) – I will post 5x per week on your grid, create 2 stories per week, and spend 1 hour each week on engagement. You may or may not choose to add to this, including additional posts, Stories, engagement, etc.

Example D: £340 (extra engagement/research only) – You will post content to a consistent schedule, but only worry about posting. I will work on the engagement and community management side, as well as hashtag and audience research for 3 hours per week (or more or less, which would change cost).

Example E: £1,300 (full takeover) – You will be as hands off as possible, providing insight only where necessary in the form of occasionally answering questions to provide information needed for captions, and providing an image bank unless we have agreed on using user generated content, graphics or arranging photoshoots together in advance. I will post 5x per week on your grid, create 5x stories per week, and spend 3 hours each week on engagement.

I’m also happy to create a package that will have the biggest impact for however big or small your budget might be. 

Instagram Boost: Audit & Find Your Audience


THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you have an established presence on Instagram (ie – not a complete newbie), but are feeling stuck or uninspired.

Refresh your Instagram, and your enthusiasm, with an Instagram Boost. This is one of my most popular requests and is a combination of mini versions of some of my other small business services. 

I’ll cast a professional social media strategist’s eye over your account and offer you actionable suggestions for improvement. I’ll look at a few competitors (or other similar accounts), show you what is working well for them, and share some takeaways you can implement with a twist of your own. I’ll help you limit aimless scrolling with some advice on where you can strategically redirect your efforts to connect with your target audience. I’ll include some hashtags for you to experiment with in future posts, and a shoutout of 5-7 Stories slides on my own account that you’re then welcome to re-use for your highlights.

  • Insight into what you’re currently doing well and should continue
  • Mini profile audit with three actionable recommendations for improvement
  • Mini competitors analysis with takeaways from two competitors that can be creatively adapted and applied to your profile
  • 20 hashtags to shake up and refresh your current selection
  • A 5-7 slide Stories intro and shoutout on @LittleObservationist
  • Tailored advice on where and how to best connect with target audience
  • One month of email support

Hashtag Research


THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you’re always using the same hashtags on every post, haven’t refreshed your hashtag list in a while, or aren’t quite sure about hashtag strategy.

Though the recent changes in Instagram’s search functionality means we are using hashtags slightly differently these days, they are still an important piece of the Instagram puzzle. I will research a list of hashtags for you to experiment with which will be relevant to your business niche, location, and target audience. I will take into account any lists you are already currently using.

  • 50+ hashtags relevant to your business niche, target audience and location
  • Advice on how best to use hashtags on Instagram now

Find Your Instagram Audience


THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you’d like to stop wasting time scrolling without an engagement strategy that would help you connect with the audience you’re really hoping to reach.

It takes time and effort to find the audience we hope to connect with on Instagram, but with some research and strategy in place, this process can feel less tedious and more purposeful. You can enjoy the journey again without becoming lost in a void of endless scrolling and empty engagement. We’ll work together to define the audience you consider your target. I’ll take some time to research and come back to you with a list of places you can begin to connect with them as well as some advice on how best to do this in a genuine way.

  • A definition of your target audience that we work together to create
  • A list of places to best find and connect with that target audience on Instagram
  • Advice on how best to build your audience on Instagram

Instagram Competitors Analysis
(or analysis of other accounts with a similar audience)


THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you’d like insight into the ways in which your competitors (or similar accounts) are using Instagram successfully and an action plan on how to implement this new knowledge in your own way.

There’s so much to learn from our community and our competition that we can then apply to our own Instagram strategies with a personal twist. I’ll spend time getting to grips with what’s working well on Instagram for others who share a similar audience and then strategise ways you can apply these takeaways to your own account.

You can pick the accounts you’d like me to analyse or I can choose if you prefer.

This is not an exercise in setting out to copy others, but rather a journey of learning, discovery, development, and innovation with an aim to better understand what resonates with your target audience. With an open mind, perhaps you may even stumble upon an unexpected opportunity for collaboration with a similar business that would benefit all involved.

  • Insight into what is working well for your competition or community based on research of accounts with a similar target audience to yours
  • A list of action points that will allow you to take that knowledge and apply it to your own account
  • Tips on how to do this while adding your own twist – learning and developing and innovating as you go

Instagram Stories Slides


THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you want to build up your Stories Highlights with a more branded, professional look but don’t have the time to create slides yourself.

You can toss a Story up on Instagram very easily but for Stories Highlights, you will want something a bit more polished, branded and strategised.

This might begin with an “About” highlight or a highlight that shows off some of your work, recommendations, a particular project you’re focusing on, or anything else you’d like an audience to see when they visit your profile. A good cohesive Story will have about 5-7 slides. I’ll gather information and any relevant images from you that will allow me to create these (or you can point me to your website or image links on Instagram if everything is there).

A polished set of 5-7 slides for an Instagram Stories highlight on a topic of your choice.

1:1 Instagram Coaching (Monthly)

1 Month – £450 / month
2 Months – £430 / month
3 Months – £415 / month
4 Months – £400 / month
5 Months – £390 / month
6 Months – £375 / month

THIS IS FOR YOU IF…ultimately, would like to manage your account yourself, but you could use some guidance to get you started or send you in the right direction if you’ve already begin. This is for everyone from complete beginners to more established accounts looking for direction and clarity.

This 1:1 coaching experience can be conducted through a mix of Zoom calls, emails, WhatsApps, and in person if you’re local to SW15 or SW6 in London. The depth of the coaching will depend on your time commitment and personal requirements. I’m happy for sessions to be lead by your specific questions and concerns or, if you’re at a point where it makes sense to start from scratch, that is what we will do. 

Typically, we will work through a month’s worth of content together, from idea generation to creating and editing the images or videos, to writing captions and planning hashtags, to curating your grid, to posting and engaging and tracking your progress. 

While we work together, if you wish, we will make each month’s worth of content a joint effort until you feel comfortable taking full control.

In between, we’ll talk about the rest: some examples of what we might cover include building a strategy for a new account, tweaking and clarifying a strategy for a more established account, auditing your account, learning from your competitors, figuring our what your goals are, finding and connecting with your target audience, telling your story through content that will resonate with your target audience, taking the best photos with the camera that you have, curating and planning your grid, writing captions and what you can say, engaging—how and how often you should, researching new hashtags, stopping the endless scroll and making your time on Instagram more productive and enjoyable, and much, much more. 

You’ll have approximately 10 hours of my time and advice spread out over the full month. 

  • Ongoing 1:1 flexible support while you’re participating in coaching
  • Clarity and confidence in the way you use Instagram to achieve your business goals
  • We’ll walk through the posting process together; with my guidance and input, you’ll come away with a month’s worth of content ideas, your photos and/or videos taken and curated, a schedule on which to post them, captions and hashtags to go with them, and an engagement strategy to help you connect with your target audience
  • Actionable recommendations for improving your current profile 
  • Sustainable and strategic actions applicable to content, engagement and hashtags

Instagram Power Hour
(with Follow-Up Email Support)


THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you have specific Instagram questions you’d like to talk through 1:1, would like to spend some time brainstorming ideas and how you can bring them to life, you if you’d like to talk through your current strategy and ways you can improve.

This is a 1:1 Zoom call consultation where you’ll have my full attention for one hour to talk through any issues you are currently having on Instagram, ask me questions, brainstorm some ideas or discuss some ways you can improve your current strategy.

You’ll be able to send me talking points before we meet so I can prepare for our call in advance and make the most of our time. I’ll follow up with a list of any action points for you. I will also be on hand with email support for one week following your power hour.

  • A chance to send me talking points in advance of our call so we can maximise our time together
  • A 1:1 Zoom consultation in which we can work through any of your Instagram struggles or questions
  • A list of action points sent after the call to take you forward
  • One week of email support as you implement what we’ve discussed

Email, message or DM me with questions or to book.