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This week, I’m wishing I was home in Buffalo where they’re being pummeled by snow! Living in mild London, I miss the big storms and everyone has been posting pictures of it, waist-deep, piled high. Thoughts going out to those who were negatively affected though as I know it hasn’t been such a magical experience for everyone.

London has sleek, wet, leaf-plastered pavements. It’s cooler now, Winter settling in, branches nearly bare. It’s almost time to dig out the hat and gloves. Since last weekend, we’ve been out to eat some tasty posh pub burgers. I’ve started chipping away at my list of Christmas presents to buy. I sold a couple prints. And I made some delicious pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. I’ll share the recipe next week.

What’s everyone up to this weekend? Anything fun and exciting happening?

By the way, check out the new shop I put together with all the cool stuff I keep stumbling on in search of gifts!

Boston commonPhoto: Boston Common, February 2014

Here are a few links for you:

[vimeo 110856379]

Enjoy your weekend!

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