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Jorge and I are on our way to the ferry this morning that will take us from Tenerife to La Gomera, another of Spain’s Canary Islands. It is one of the smallest of the islands and the place where I will spend my 30th birthday tomorrow. I am looking forward to exploring somewhere new and hope that will be a continuing theme throughout my 30s.


Seems strange to leave my 20s behind. There’s definitely been some downsides, but mostly my 20s brought many great memories: studying and interning abroad, being News Editor for the college paper, finishing university, moving to London, interning at The Sunday Times, being published in a bunch of different newspapers and magazines, moving to Colombia, starting a small business, moving back to London, getting engaged, having my first group photography exhibition and then my first solo photography exhibition.

In my 20s, I lived in nine different houses and apartments in three countries. I was fortunate enough to travel to 17 different countries, some of them three or four times, with many trips back and forth between New York and London as well. I worked in five different jobs. I learned to kayak, ski, make jewellery, take photos properly, blog, build websites, cook and understand some level of Spanish. I learned how olives become olive oil in a Greek village and how fique becomes handbags in a Colombian village. I interviewed hundreds of interesting people for my blogs. And, I’ve had some incredible people come into my life and many others fade out of it, but they’ve all left an impression on me in one way or another.

In a few months, I’m getting married and I’m excited for that as well as all of the other new adventures that my 30s will inevitably bring!


Here’s a few links for the weekend ahead:

Have a fabulous weekend!

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