Petersham Nurseries: A Pretty, Peaceful London Escape

This blog is bursting with blooms lately. If you came looking for the gritty, grimy side of London, you’ll have to wait for another post because this week I’m bringing you to the beautiful Petersham Nurseries in Richmond. Jorge suggested a visit while my parents were here from New York last week. None of us had been before. We were dropped off near the entrance by a pathway lined with English hedgerows¬†running alongside an old church and a cemetery. You know how much I enjoy walking through cemeteries, so of course we popped in for a look at some of the old gravestones from the 1800s and earlier. As we rounded the corner, we come upon a horse grazing in the sun, alone in an empty field enclosed with a ragged old wooden rail fence. And at the entrance to Petersham Nurseries, our first sight was of a cart refurbished with what looked like bike tires. It was packed full with flowers and set the tone for the rest of our visit. First stop: the garden shop. Leafy vines wound across the ceiling of the greenhouse. Around us was industrial lighting,¬†shelves full of soap with pretty packaging, stacks of expensive … Continue reading Petersham Nurseries: A Pretty, Peaceful London Escape