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After my Little City Observations exhibition, I stored the canvas prints all nicely at home (besides the few we have on the walls) not sure what I want to do with them (one only has so much wall space in London). Since we’re moving later this year, I thought it was time to send them off to new homes as well!

So they’re up on etsy at drastically reduced prices from what they were in the exhibition. Most are pretty big prints (about a metre across), but light weight. Others are smaller. If you’re up for some redecoration, check out what’s available in the big moving sale below!!

Image: Little Slices of Chinatown – 0.75×1.00m (£400 £150)

Image: Paul DON Smith on Hanbury Street – 0.75×1.00m (£400 £150)

Image: Hanbury Street Mural – 0.75×1.00m (£400 £150)

Image: Eleven and a Half, Fournier Street – 0.75×1.00m (£400 £150)

Image: Port Olimpic, Barcelona, Spain – 0.75×1.00m (£400 £150)

Image: Raining in Dublin – 400mm x 300mm (£150 £80)

Image: Notre Dame, Paris – 300mm x 400mm (£150 £80)

Image: City Quay, Dublin – 400mm x 300mm (£150 £80)

Image: South Bank and Big Ben, London – 450mm x 600mm (£300 £120)

Image: Portraits of Dubai – 400mm x 300mm (£150 £80)

Image: Hanway Place, London – 0.75×1.00m (£400 £150)

Image: I Miss You + Your Character, Spitalfields, London – 0.75×1.00m (£400 £150)

Because I’ve dropped the prices so much so that some are basically just cost price for printing, these are available to pick up in south west London only. They’re pretty easy to carry so you wouldn’t need a van or anything. I’ve taken a couple on the tube before.

And because I really want to see them go before I do, you guys can have an extra 10% discount on these guys with coupon code LOMOVINGSALE10.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at littleobservationist@gmail.com!

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