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London weather is not at its most delightful in January. There are cold, wet and grey days, incessant rain and darkness before the afternoon has ended. And so I am still dreaming of Spain: the aquamarine skies, the towering palm trees, the waves crashing up on the beach and most importantly, sun. I’m a big fan of Winter, having grown up near Buffalo, New York, but only when the cold and dark days bring with them the magic that is snow. And so, in my mind, I’m still here:

IMG_6695Photo: Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, Canary Islands

And, a few interesting links I’ve stumbled upon this week:


My favourite quote? “Many of the things people treat very seriously, you realise that they don’t deserve to be treated that seriously. Many of the things people worry about are not worth worrying about. If I didn’t do more than my little book, wouldn’t that be enough?”

Enjoy your weekend.

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