The Platine in Paris: A Marilyn Monroe Themed Hotel

In the 15th Arrondissement of Paris, about a 10 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, the Platine Hotel is tucked away around a corner on Rue Ingenieur Robert Keller. Jorge and I stayed there for a few nights last November.


When we travel, we try to avoid boring chain hotels and seek out the quirkier places to stay. Airbnb has a lot of fun options, but sometimes there are boutique hotels that win over the local apartment stay.


The outside of the building is quite ordinary. There’s a bubblegum pink circle above the door to entice you inside with “Platine” written in cursive through the centre.

Inside, it’s cosy and charming and all about Marilyn. Her movies play in the lift. There are images of her everywhere, including huge collages in the hallways.


There’s 46 rooms, decorated differently but each one is very Marilyn. The rooms are tiny, but you would expect as much from a hotel in the middle of Paris. Ours had a giant image of Marilyn behind the bed.


The floor was covered in pastel pink roses.


The chairs and stools were also pink.


And there were cheeky Marilyn themed privacy cards for the door.


My favourite part? The bathroom. It had a clear sink and crazy pink and black tiles. The bathtub had LED lights between all the tiles that you could dim and other lighting functions that made the water turn pink or blue or a variety of other colours. That was fun.


There is a breakfast room downstairs full of director’s chairs, but we didn’t actually use it so can’t comment on the food. We didn’t make use of the spa either. Next time.


We did, however, make time for G&Ts!


The lobby was fantastic. There was a trust bar. Staff were very friendly. The whole place was decked out with a 1950’s vibe. There were lots of fun chairs in different styles and colours like chartreuse and peacock blue. We tried a few to make sure we had the comfiest ones before we settled in with our drinks. In the Summertime, you can push open the large French windows and sit outside in the garden but in November we were more interested in the fireplace.

All in all, a quirky place to stay for a decent price in the middle of the city. We’d go back!

Jorge also wrote about our visit to the Platine right after we returned and don’t miss my post about art in the City of Light.

More on Paris soon!

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