A Frozen Walk Around Boston Harbor


At the end of February, before all of my eye surgery drama kicked off, I went to Boston for about a week for work.


Jorge joined me for a short weekend at the beginning so we could explore the city together.


One of my favourite places was the harbour.


At the beginning of our long walk, I stopped to admire the fence covered in colourful buoys.


I enjoyed the little things along the way like the sweeping seagulls, the rhythm of the water and the international flags lining one of the docks.


Being February, it was full of snow and the wind was pretty bitter, but we were lucky to have a pretty mild day so we could enjoy the outdoors after a bit of bundling up!


This trip to Boston brought the first snow we’d seen all year.


London had an extremely mild (though wet, of course) season and while we usually catch a few flakes, there were none to be seen and Spring has now arrived.


Boston, however, had a very bitter cold and snowy few months. I’m sure if we lived there, we would have been sick of it by this time, but I love snow and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


We stopped to pick up hot drinks to warm our hands and then made our way along the Fort Point Channel that meets the harbour where the boats were docked, some covered in plastic for the Winter.


Across the harbour is the airport where flights take off and land every few minutes.


We sat for a while watching the air traffic along with some other couples who were out enjoying the view.


I haven’t been to Boston in the Summer, but I can imagine this would be the place to come on a sunny day.


We walked on a bit further along the front of apartment buildings and offices with pleasant views over the water. Spotted a whale. A tiny house floating on the docks. Lots of people were running, despite the snow, perhaps training for the next Boston Marathon. Others were walking dogs.


One of Jorge’s favourite activities whenever we go to the States is to find an American flag to pose in front of, and we found a perfect one here!


Rounding the corner when we came to this big gold lobster, we walked over a bridge to the other side.


We carried on along the harbour, but the life was on the opposite bank where we had started.


The views back across to where we were were impressive.


Still, there were occasional joggers, but there wasn’t much happening on this side.


But we walked on anyway to see where the path would lead. It took us past some abandoned picnic tables.


Past some Wintery plants.


And straight to the Institute of Contemporary Art! I can’t resist a funky art gallery bookshop so we stopped in for a browse and spent a bit of time warming up. Walking back into the city, we wandered past the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Voyage. Very conveniently located.


Ours was not exactly a voyage but it was a great way to pass a lazy Sunday afternoon. I’m hoping to do the same on one bright and sunny Summer day in the future.

Have you been to Boston? Where are your favourite places to spend time in the city? 

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    March 24, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Discovered your photos from a RT by Universalhub here in Boston. Great shots and I’ve been looking around the site and I like your photos of the falling snow and ice signs during your Boston trip. You’ll definitely have to come back during the summer sometime, the whole Harbor area you walked is so alive with visitors and locals. One of the good areas is next to the rotunda behind the Boston Harbor Hotel (pictured in your 5th to last photo) where they float a small barge in the water next to the walkway and bands perform on it a few nights a week. On Friday nights they put up a giant movie screen on the barge and they show free movies. People sit all over the walkway or you can get dinner at the restaurant and watch the movie while at a table outside and having a few drinks and a meal. Great photos and I look forward to exploring the rest of your site.

    • Reply
      March 24, 2014 at 1:59 pm

      Wow, that sounds amazing, the movies and the live music in the Summer. Thanks for the tips! I had a feeling it would be the place to hang out when the weather is warmer. I’ll definitely have more trips over to Boston so it will be something to look forward to. Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment. Hope you enjoy the rest of the site. It’s a pretty new blog – not quite a year old yet!

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    Diana Mieczan
    March 25, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    I love the flag photo, it’s brilliant! I have a friend who is from Boston and whenever she is there she always tells us to visit. We really should someday….It looks beautiful:) I love your photos. Have a great one, lovely. xoxo

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