Little Weekend Links 66

The best bit about this week was that I finally launched my mini photo notecards on Etsy! The second best bit was probably spending part of International Women’s Day on Sunday in the Leake Street tunnel for the Femme Fierce event – 150 women from around the world showing off their street art talents with an incredible collection. If you’re in London, wander through the tunnel this weekend. It’s well worth a visit. I’ve also been working on an interview with a really popular (male) street artist who has an exhibition on until April, but more on that soon.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to a street art tour in Camden (hm, sensing a theme here!), perhaps checking out a new cafe I stumbled upon the other day that doesn’t even have a website, spending some quality time with Jorge and leaving a lot up to chance. I may also attempt to make a flan…

What are you up to this weekend?

Femme Fierce, London by Stephanie Sadler, Little ObservationistPhoto: One of my favourite images from last Sunday’s Femme Fierce event

Here are some links for you:

[vimeo 121450839]

Enjoy your weekend!

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