Social Media for Bigger Businesses (5+ Employees)

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Social Media Strategy


THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure about how to make social media work best for your business and need a solid, action-packed roadmap to help you meet determine and meet your goals. Or if you’ve simply decided it’s time to take social media more seriously. Or if you’re starting from scratch and want to set off on your journey on the right foot.

A social media strategy is your extensive personalised game plan for using the most relevant platforms to their greatest potential. If you don’t already have one in place that’s working for you, creating a strategy based on in-depth research, analysis of your current approach and an understanding of current social media best practices is an essential starting point.

I will research and strategise, taking into account up-to-date best practices on each social media platform, your target audience, your business goals, how your competitors are using social media, an audit of your own current use of social media, and much more. I’ll take into account the future time commitment you have available for social media as well so that your strategy feels, and is, sustainable. You’ll gain clarity around your social media goals and where to connect with your target audience. You’ll feel empowered too, with actionable suggestions for improving and optimising your profile, a detailed content strategy, engagement strategy, hashtag strategy, knowledge of the insights that will keep you on track and follow up support. 

Your social media strategy will be set up in a way that it can then be implemented by you, by me or by any social media manager.

  • Overall, you will come away with a strategic, sustainable, actionable roadmap for using social media to its greatest potential which includes:
    • A selection of the best platforms on which to connect with your target audience (and, if any, which ones you’re currently using that aren’t serving your needs)
    • An understanding of the most up-to-date best practices for each recommended platform
    • Clarity around the goals that social media can reasonably help you achieve
    • Takeaways from an audit of your own accounts that will guide you to make improvements
    • Takeaways from a competitors analysis that you can use with a personal twist
    • A well-researched content strategy for moving forward, including a list of ideas to get you started on each platform
    • Tips for differentiating your content between platforms
    • A well-researched engagement strategy for moving forward, including an initial list of places to focus your efforts 
    • A well-researched hashtag strategy for moving forward, including an initial list of hashtags for you to use
    • Recommended tools and resources to help with the execution of the strategy
    • A list of insights you’ll want to focus on to ensure you’re staying on track 
    • One month of included email support as you begin to implement your strategy

Social Media Management

From £400-£1,600 per month, depending on your strategy and requirements.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you’d like to step back from social media and let me do the work for you with as much or as little input as you wish to provide. It is also for you if you’d like to continue to manage your Instagram some of the time but would prefer to split the workload, thereby collaborating in a joint effort.

I offer four ongoing monthly social media management packages for retainer clients. These are priced at £400, £800, £1,200, and £1,600.

Each level takes into account different client needs including number of social media platforms; intensity of engagement, outreach and relationship building to stimulate organic growth; type of media required and whether images and/or video are supplied by the client or sourced, taken or created by me; and more.

I’ll work with you to establish your particular business needs and goals for social media and then give you a quote based on your situation and expectations.

Social media management packages include creating or sourcing an agreed amount and type of content, scheduling or posting to social media platforms, community management, and organic engagement and relationship building on any of the following platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It also includes ongoing hashtag and audience research as well as monthly analytics reports if required.

  • An initial audit of your current accounts
  • Recommendations on which social media platforms you’ll best connect with your target audience
  • Management of your social media accounts at whichever level you decide
  • Content creation as agreed in advance
  • Ongoing hashtag and audience research 
  • Strategic engagement and relationship building with your target audience
  • Monthly analytics reports if required

Social Media Audit

£150 for one account, plus £50 for each additional account (for example, an account on another platform)

THIS IS FOR YOU IF…you have an established presence (ie – not a complete newbie) on social media, but you’d like a strategist’s eyes on your accounts and some clarity on how to move forward.

I’ll take a deep dive into the way you are currently using social media. With my strategist’s hat on, I’ll look at everything from all of the individual elements that make up your profile bios to your content strategies, stories and other media formats specific to each platform, your hashtags and strategy behind them, engagement, consistency of posts, and more.

From there, I’ll provide you with a list of action points for improvement that you can work through at your own pace—essentially a hands-on to-do list that will give you the basis of a practical strategy to take your accounts forward.

Account audits are available on the following platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

  • A solid list of practical action points for improvement based on your social media goals (the number of action points will depend on how many platforms I’m auditing)
  • Personalised tips on how you can best implement these recommendations
  • One month of email support while you set to work

Social Media Competitors Analysis
(or analysis of other accounts with a similar audience)

£200 to research three competitors on one social media platform, add £50 for each additional account

THIS IS FOR YOU IF……you’d like insight into the ways in which your competitors (or others who are aiming to reach a similar audience) are using social media successfully and an action plan to help you apply those lessons to your account, in your own way.


Because you’re aiming to reach a similar target audience, there’s so much to learn from a deep dive into the ways in which our community and our competition are successfully (and unsuccessfully) using social media. You can then apply that knowledge to your own social media strategies using your own twist / brand voice / personality.

In a competitors analysis, I’ll spend lots of time getting to grips with what’s working well for your competition and share these takeaways with you as well as ways you can build this knowledge into your own social media strategies.

You can pick the accounts you’d like me to analyse or I can select them if you’re not sure which to choose.

This is not an exercise in setting out to copy others, but rather a journey of learning, discovery, development, and innovation as you begin to understand what resonates with your target audience. With an open mind, perhaps you may even stumble upon an unexpected opportunity for collaboration with a similar business that would benefit all involved.


  • Insight into what is working well for your competition or community with a similar audience to yours
  • A list of takeaways and action points that will allow you to take those lessons and apply them to your own account
  • Some tips on how to do this strategically while adding your own personal twist

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