Birthday Dinner at Webster’s Bistro, North Tonawanda

For decades, longer than I’ve been alive, the corner of Webster Street in North Tonawanda, New York, was home to a little family-run restaurant – a greasy spoon called Nestors. Its orange and black sign faded over the years and eventually it closed.

Now, it’s home to Webster’s Bistro. It’s been completely renovated and brings a bit of class to the area. In a city that’s very down to earth with lots of sports bars and casual dinner joints, people make an effort to dress up here and that’s nice to see. It’s a great addition to the area.

Websters bistro, north tonawanda

Seven of us went out for my birthday dinner. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere cosy and the food is tasty. The dim light was great for conversation, but not so much for photos. Of course, I took some anyway! I promise it looks more appetising in person.

My grandma and I ordered these whiskey-blueberry drinks which tasted great, but a little more of a kick wouldn’t got amiss. My mom had a French martini which you can sort of see in the background and that was definitely the right amount of strong. Nevertheless, I had two of these…

Websters bistro, north tonawanda

A couple of bread baskets made their way around the table. It was still warm and the olive loaf was excellent. I could have just eaten bread and been happy. I’m going to try to dig up a recipe for that one.

Websters bistro, north tonawanda

Jorge and I split a bowl of steamed mussels in a white wine sauce with onion, shallots, parsley and garlic as a starter. Probably the only time I have ever had mussels in North Tonawanda. We’d order them again.

Websters bistro, north tonawanda

My mom and grandma split a beetroot and goat’s cheese salad which I didn’t try but it looked good too.

onion, shallots, parsley and garlic

My main was the Webster’s Beef Bourguignon, “the iconic French dish of beef stewed with aromatic vegetables, herbs and spices”. It came in a cute red put and had a peppery kick to it. I could only manage about 1/3 of it but it was delicious and great as winter comfort food.

Webster’s Beef Bourguignon - 22 The iconic French dish of beef stewed with aromatic vegetables, herbs and spices

Jorge ordered lamb with couscous and green beans. I tried a bite. Very tender and lots of flavour.

Webster’s Beef Bourguignon - 22 The iconic French dish of beef stewed with aromatic vegetables, herbs and spices

I also tried my grandma’s Chicken “Blue Ribbon” which was “chicken breast stuffed with ham and gruyere cheese, topped with a rich Mornay sauce”. Rich and flavourful.

Websters Bistro, North Tonawanda

My mom and brother both ordered the casserole which was a “A slow simmered mix of classic southwestern French casserole of pork, braised lamb and spicy sausage and duck confit, with white beans and a bread crumb crust.” I don’t like beans or spicy sausage so it wasn’t really for me, but they both liked it!

Websters bistro, north tonawanda

I didn’t taste my dad’s salmon wellington, but it looked good and he enjoyed it. It had a dill cream sauce and mushrooms cooked inside.

websters bistro, north tonawanda

We were too stuffed for dessert, but of course we couldn’t help but order some anyway. My mom, Jorge and I got a créme brulée with three spoons (and my grandma snuck a bite too). Yum!

websters bistro, north tonawanda

My brother went for the bananas foster and somehow managed to down the whole thing on his own.

websters bistro, north tonawanda

All in all, a lovely night out and I’m sure I’ll be back on future visits to North Tonawanda.

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